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In order to run a successful community project one needs to have established good working partnerships with other role-players from the community. Following below are CARES partners.


Hout Bay CARES’ outpatient service partner is internationally recognised Faces and Voices of Recovery through its South African branch, FavorSA. FavorSA is a Matrix Centre utilising the Matrix Model – an evidence-based intensive outpatient treatment programme. The Matrix Model is listed in the U.S.A. on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based Programmes and Practices (NREPP). This listing was based on the cumulative data from evaluations of the Matrix Model over the past 25 years.


Department of Health:

The CARES Centre itself operates from a previously unused wing of the community Healthcare Centre. Jeanne Obert, Executive Director of the Matrix Institute in the U.S.A.said it marked the first time a Matrix centre had been adopted into any country’s health system with a clinic on hand to deal with patients’ medical needs (this was reported in the Cape Times, Friday 29 July 2011).


Department of Social Development:

Minister Albert Fritz, Western Cape MEC for Social Development, was present at the launch of the CARES Centre to mark the department’s partnership with Hout Bay CARES.The Department of Social Development currently funds R1.6 million of the project’s operating costs annually, with the rest (50%) coming from private donors and businesses. The department’s outreach workers bring those in need of assistance to the CARES Centre to participate in the relevant programme. The department provides participants with access to social services.Robert MacDonald from the Department of Social Development stated that this is the first time in South Africa where the Departments of Health and Social Development had formed a partnership with an outside service provider to deliver services to a community.


Office of the Premier:

Hout Bay CARES is endorsed and monitored by the Premier of Western Cape, Helen Zille. The project’s government partnerships mark the first time that that South African state services are available in the region to address alcohol and drug related harms. Most importantly, they help deliver sustainable service delivery.


Local businesses:

Hout Bay CARES engages the local business community to create employment and further skills development.


Local Church:

The Cares Day -care center is run from the local church. Children attend for educational fun, developmental exercises and play. Another key factor is that we keep the children in safety whilst their parents participate at the CARES progam. It is run by the church in partnership with Hout Bay CARES.


Cape Town professionals:

Local professionals, including artists, therapists, teachers and psychologists serve as community development workers in collaboration with the residents.


The community:

A critical partnership for the CARES project is the one with the community itself. The residents working with the project are its most powerful allies working from within the community to effect change. This integration powerfully entrenches the project’s sustainability with local residents making up 84% of the project’s employees.


The Hangberg Peace and Mediation Forum was established where 32 local leaders were elected to represent the needs of the community. Hout Bay CARES works closely with the forum and has weekly meetings with the two leaders representing Safety, Health and Social Development. On a monthly basis, the project addresses the forum as a whole, and conducts skills development workshops every quarter.

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