Small gifts that gives a lot

25 ZAR
Breakfast, fruit snack, lunch day/child


40 ZAR
Hygine articles/week/person


50 ZAR
Dinner 1child/day


100 ZAR
Baby essentials child/week


150 ZAR
Birthday present/Christmas present/child


150 ZAR
T-shirt + logo to staff and out reach workers (need 20)


300 ZAR
Work clothes/person (we currently have 50 people who are job seekers and they need clothes to look appropriate and presentable at job interviews)


300 ZAR
Jacket + logo to staff and out reach workers (need 20)


500 ZAR
Bus ticket for special skills training for children/youth at risk


600 ZAR


750 ZAR
Kindergarten fee/child/month


1200 ZAR
Skills training for 1 person/month (parenting, Hiv/Aids, employment, recovery)


1500 ZAR
Drivers license/person


3500 ZAR
1 person/month attending the intensive out patient program


12.500 x 2 ZAR
Playground project (one at the special care centre one outside the clinic)


35.000 ZAR
The gardening project

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