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Hout Bay CARES’ multi-service centre was launched on the 26th of July 2011 to address the challenges faced by Hangberg’s residents living in the midst of an escalating drug crisis. The project primarily targets individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug related harms through treatment, education about dependency and addiction disorders and lifestyle education. Its aim is to be enrolled into several areas in the Cape Town area. Treatment focuses on delivering individual sessions, group sessions, family education and relapse prevention strategies. In the short time since its inception the project already has 108 residents on its intensive outpatient programme. The biweekly drug tests show a success rate of 81% who are now living drug-free.


Hout Bay CARES is the first project in South Africa to recognize and address the needs of the children of the parents in drug-rehabilitation programs. There are currently 48 children attending the CARES day-care center where they participate in educational fun, developmental exercises and play while their parents are attending workshops at the CARES Center. These are children with special needs as they have generally grown up in an abusive environment and have underdeveloped social skills. Parents in recovery volunteer at the day-care center. This assists them in reconnecting with their children and taking ownership of their recovery. Hout Bay CARES aims to break the generational abuse pattern at as young an age as possible. The CARES day-care centre aims to install hope, dignity and respect to the lives of these children.


In addition to its drug rehabilitation programme, Hout Bay CARES’ multi-service centre also runs programmes addressing HIV/AIDS support and prevention, parenting skills, young mothers, women empowerment, men empowerment, youth and children at risk and skills development. The project provides structured opportunities for participants to express themselves through music, dance, art, sport and gardening.


Participants in the project are making lifestyle changes to become better functioning members of society. 80% of the volunteers working on improving the urban environment are residents of the community working alongside volunteer professionals. Urban makeovers, including the painting of the Hangberg Healthcare Centre and gardening projects, have been beautifying the area. Those in recovery also volunteer to do outreach work in the community, serving as role-models to the youth and inspiring those suffering alcohol and drug related harms to understand that recovery is possible.


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